Flying Home: A found poem

This trouvaille was written in the status line of the Facebook Page of E.M.M. It has a sense of both the comfort and melancholy of coming home.

Tuesday eveing, on my way to san jose,
I felt like i was chasing the sun.
Flying home tonight,
I feel like I’ll be racing the snow.
It makes me smile.

Found Poem: Rochester


Rochester will Come tomorrow.

This was written on the blank side of the kraft paper backing of a post-it note pad.  Having no post-its left on which to write, the poet used the only thing at their disposal; lending some poignancy to the slight foreboding of the declaration: Rochester will Come tomorrow.

A summer’s eve poem

This poem was found on a covered walkway outside ChopStix Thai Restaurant in Statesville.

It was presented on a purple post-it note. The writing was oriented toward a corner, giving it the appearance of being written on a lavendar diamond. Interestingly, the poet wrote on the “sticky” side, leaving the “face” blank. Within the constraints of formatting, I will offer it as presented.




 Satin floss