Found Poem: Opposing Wind

Opposing Wind
Cold air is heavy.
For the next four months strong winds,
mostly from the North, will blow in
the opposite direction of Ivan.

These winds will assist
trees in their efforts
to right themselves.

If a tree poses no threat,
give the system a chance
to correct itself.
Much will have changed by spring

To see the poem in it’s original form go to this web site and scroll down to “Opposing Wind”.

Found Poem: Rochester


Rochester will Come tomorrow.

This was written on the blank side of the kraft paper backing of a post-it note pad.  Having no post-its left on which to write, the poet used the only thing at their disposal; lending some poignancy to the slight foreboding of the declaration: Rochester will Come tomorrow.

A summer’s eve poem

This poem was found on a covered walkway outside ChopStix Thai Restaurant in Statesville.

It was presented on a purple post-it note. The writing was oriented toward a corner, giving it the appearance of being written on a lavendar diamond. Interestingly, the poet wrote on the “sticky” side, leaving the “face” blank. Within the constraints of formatting, I will offer it as presented.




 Satin floss