Mike Rayburn @ xNASA: a TED Talk

Real Men of Genius

This story exemplifies my assertion that genius is not just creative thinking, but seeing the possibilities and recombining existing things creatively.

And given that it’s a toy Monster Truck remote controlled snowplow, I had to tip my hat to the very funny Budweiser “Real Men of Genius” ad campaign.

Video via Channel 5 in Cleveland

The boy who harnessed the wind @ GIZMODO

Although the book is out, I haven’t seen too many pictures of this young man’s homemade machine.  This GIZMODO piece has links to video, the author’s blog and some quotes about William Kamkwamba and his drive to create.

People don’t make the connection when I use this type of story as a supporting argument for why Arts Education is vital. It comes down to the The Artist’s Creed:

We have done so much with so little for so long that we are now qualified to to anything with nothing.

The whole of our being is geared to finding new and interesting ways to make it (whatever it might be at the moment) work. We need to engender that drive in everyone.