Modern Paranoia: Fueling Conspiracy Theories with Fact

Modern paranoia, and the resulting conspiracy theories, regarding the capacity of a government’s willingness and capacity to use its citizens for political and experimental fodder are not without basis. They spring from a slow trickle of stories that have been revealed by the mainstream press over the last 50 years.

Some of these stories gained a lot of attention in the mass media. Some did not.

These pages cover well-documented, verifiable, non-consensual experiments carried out on US citizens by parties which include the United States Government.

Atomic Testing on this page you will find:

DOE Resources on Human Radiation Experiments
Government Documents
Searchable Databases
Specific Experiments
Other Sources

Altered States on this page you will find:

Books and Excerpts on LSD, the CIA and Psychosocial Manipulations
Web Sites and Links

Experiments on Pregnant Women, Infants and Children on this page you will find:

A number of experiments carried out under the Atomic Energy Commission on Pregnant Women and on children. Other experiments are included on this page.

This information is not presented in order to suggest that every conspiracy theory has verifiable merit. It is meant to suggest, instead, that the concerns finding expression in modern paranoia have some basis in historical fact.