Moving towards the Muse

Sometimes serious, sometimes amusing considerations of this and that.

Composed in a prescient moment in 2007.

On losing a friend
Pets are in an odd, no-man’s land between child and possession. Some people feel strange grieving for them. Some accept that grief as part of the price of having a companion.

Found Poetry
Using the Surrealist concept of trouvaille (found object) to discover everyday poems

The Last Summer Tomato
A poem I wrote in September 2001. It touches on the irretrievable loss that change can bring.

Nights of Blackberry Dumplings
Picking blackberries in the early morning. Replete with epiphanies.

Interesting Times
We are living in interesting times. Always.

A Series of Random Events
A consideration on the nature of how we view events in instants rather than through their process of becoming.

Rice Bombs ala Mode
A recounting of how the Rice Bombs were deemed to be superior foodstuffs.

The Haves
A observation.

This Morning – If I Could Speak Dog
On pondering the gulf between longing and possibility.

Media Haiku and Senyru
Haiku deals with nature. Senyru deals with people and humor. The Starving Dept. Media Reviews deals with people who don’t have time for this shit.

Signs and Wonders (Found)
A poem from 2000

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