Building Your Analytical Mind

Building Your Analytical Mind

Genius is really about seeing the same old things in new ways. Or as Lao-Tzu more poetically said: To see things in the seed, that is genius.

See the world in a new way. Learn something.


Up Close and Personal with Otzi, the Ice Man

Otiz was discovered in the early 90’s on a mountain pass between Austria and Italy. The  remains are very fragile and must be kept in very specific conditions. Luckily we live in a technological age that allows us unprecedented access. Go see Otzi like you have never seen him before.




Unskilled and Unaware

An article from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology on the mistakes some people make in the self-assessment of their skill or knowledge levels.


Make your own Low-Tech refrigeration

The Daily Mail is rightly praising a young woman who created an evaporative cooler from workshop bits and pieces. But they got a couple of things wrong too.


Make an electronic display with paper and mood ring ink

Using cheap materials that anyone can order by mail, scientists built several color-changing electronic displays on sheets of ordinary paper.


The device relies upon thermochromic ink, the same stuff that can be found in mood rings and disposable thermometers. When its temperature changes, so does its color.

“At first, paper may not sound like exciting, state-of-the-art stuff, but it is in fact, a very interesting material,” said electrical engineer Adam Siegel, a Harvard graduate student who led the project.


“The goal here is to get people to think outside the silicon box,” says Siegel. “That is, to think that simple, everyday materials like paper can be used in very technologically-sophisticated ways.”


The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

This story is a perfect example of true creativity and why we should engender that creative spark in people through Arts Education.

As Mark Frauenfelder put it:

For an educated adult living in a developed nation, designing and building a wind turbine that generates electricity is something to be proud of. For a half-starved, uneducated boy living in a country plagued with drought, famine, poverty, disease, a cruelly corrupt government, crippling superstitions, and low expectations, it’s another thing altogether. It’s nothing short of monumental.


Real Man of Genius

Not only is this a good use of available materials, you could probably have your kids fighting over who gets to clear the snow off the drive.


The Liberty Parade, July 3, 2010 Todd NC

Elkland Art Center creates amazing puppets, costumes and eventually parades with odds and ends of material and a lot of love from the community.


Mike Rayburn @ TEDxNASA

Mike Rayburn’s question – I Know I Can’t, But What if I Could? embodies the very core of genius: What if….

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