The long and short of hemp in American history:

We used it for just about everything. It was bartered, sold, used as tuition payment at Ohio University in Athens (my alma mater). But a confluence of events created a coup for the rich in the class wars. The easily grown, low impact, low maintenance plant that also had food and forage uses, was pushed out of the picture and replaced with chemicals, cotton and wood fiber.

Cotton, which filled the fiber vacuum after hemp was banished, strips nutrients from the soil. This requires repeated applications of “soil enrichment” and fertilizers. And in response to the results of those applications , weed killers.

As a result the soil loses it’s natural balance of enzymes, insects, worms  and other aspects of a healthy soil system.

I’m attempting, here, to discuss to the uses and applications of widely available, easily grown, yet marginalized, plants. But I can’t help but comment on the utter wastefulness of the Goverments insistence on pursuing the “War on Drugs”. Both in regards to marijuana and (the also illegal in many states, in spite of marginal THC content) hemp.

Marijuana is a plant whose useful qualities have been revealed in numerous studies.

In the best of circumstances, the most favorable thing one can say about the “WOD” is that it keeps an enormous number of people gainfully employed. But, I can’t help bu see it as the cotton of govermental spending.

Much damage is done in the name of keeping  this one program alive and growing, throwing all the systems around it out of balance.

Hemp (being updated)

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