Weeds & other useful things

The most revelatory definition of a weed I have encountered was given to me by botany grad student at Ohio University in Athens: A weed is something you don’t want growing in the space it currently occupies.

Just as there are no bad children or no bad dogs; there are no bad plants. The word BAD is simply  shorthand for: I don’t know how to deal with it and I’m too lazy to figure it out. There are ideas in various martial arts and social philosophies that “Power With” makes for smoother workings than “Power Over”. Not joining in with their struggle, but using their strengths to the advantage of all.

With kudzu in the southern United States, I don’t believe there remains a choice. Our options are to work with the plant or poison the entire region. And other “nuisance” plants like Bamboo and Hemp offer unbelievably rich resources that we have left untapped.

These pages will be updated as I find information and articles that can add to the conversation.




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