People are always surprised when I directly compare scientists and artists.

There are many parallels in their processes after the initial flash of insight. The tools and outcomes seem wildly divergent, but spring from a similar source. Critical thinking, empirical investigation, using the scientific method in designing and troubleshooting projects are inherent in both methodologies.


Brought to Life

An exquisite example of the blending of art, artifact and scientific inquiry. The Science Museum offers up 3000 years of medical antiquities. A feast for the eyes and for the mind.


Fish-y Art Love

Artist Anne Catherine Becker Echivard uses, among other things, fish heads to create intricate and beautiful tableaus.

Although I admire her craftsmanship, I’m not sure I would be inclined toward using fish heads. I have cats and dogs.

Where does she store them? How does she get the smell out? Or is the photograph, the documentation, the artwork she is after?


Most Ancient Colored Twin. Most Ancient Artisans.

Back in the day, when a nomadic tribe moving with the elk or deer was only 20 to 40 people, we didn’t really differentiate between artist, artisan, scientist, chemist, doctor. One person had a lot of different jobs to do. So some scientist hunter-gatherer discovered that plant fibers held pigment well and made some twine. Ta-Da! Fast forward to Project Runway.


Model Cars, Dioramas, Nostalgia

You’d give your left thumb for dioramas that looked this good.

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