A poem in honor of the eclipse

Bodies in Motion

Me and my baby
view the eclipse.

Two luminescent bodies
past and future
along a sweet
bisecting line.



Plastic People, When They Burn, They Start To Stink.

So, some time around WWII Du Pont decides making petroleum based plastic is more profitable than using plant oil, like hemp. Mostly, I suspect, because with hemp you can “grow your own” rather than needing to own an oil well or knowing somebody who does. Why let just any old peon have the means to make something useful?

And the result 60 years on?

Horrors: Girly Men

Plastic Chemicals Feminize Boys

and Obese Diabetics

Endocrine Disruptors and the Obesity Epidemic

On the bright side, this bodes well for a population decline. And a substantial decrease in plastic manufacturing.

Mother Nature Network: Wal-Mart and McDonald’s gift cards used as a lure for syphilis testing

The story is here.

I’m completely fractured over this.

I’ll put the socially responsible adult reply first: Good for the health workers who found a way to motivate people who might not otherwise be tested.

I’ll put my gut reaction second: Oh…My…God…

Closely followed by my inner 10 year old snickering and the near simultaneous linking between cheap and easy food and cheap and easy sex. Followed by an internal wince over the fact that I’m from North Carolina.

Then I starting thinking about the overarching links between Corporate Giantism and the downfall of the economy, leading to economic uncertainty, leading to risky sexual behaviour, leading to increasing rates of venereal disease, leading to even more money for already bloated corporations.

Oh, it’s th’ ciiiircle, the circle of liiife…….

Always a party in my head.