There’s some good news!!!! (and then there’s the news we don’t actually care about)

Hey, it’s a party! The richest, shiniest 400 families in America have gotten 5 times richer in the past 15 years!!!!

And OMG BONUS!!!! Their tax rates fell to the lowest rate EVAR!!! Couldn’t you just die??!!!!

Sources: NY Times


Incomes Go Up!


Taxes Go Down!

Total income for our top earners was $138 billion in 2007.  That’s up  $263 million from the previous year. They got an increase of 31%!!!  Yayyyy!!!!  they deserve it.

But how much did the shiny 400 pay in taxes? A mere $23 billion. Isn’t that JUST SUPER?!!!!!!!

Our top 400 Awesome Rich People made more in 2007 than the yearly output of most of the world’s countries; rivaling the GDP of Chile .

If the shiny 400 had paid their 2007 taxes (even at the 1995 rate) the resulting $18.4 billion would have covered California’s entire 2010 budget shortfall. Aren’t you just so proud?

Bill Clinton’s administration started the report back in the day to let us ROOT! ROOT! ROOT! for our rich. But the Grumbledy Meanies in the Bush administration shut it down. Leaving us without any way to know how super and shiny our rich people really, truly are.

And guess what! The wealthiest 1% took 2/3rds of ALL the income generated between 2002 and 2007.  But, ya know what? I think they deserve it.

They took 90% whole percent!!! But they deserve it.

Some Economy Guys named Thomas Piketty and Emmanuel Saez  said income for the top 1 percent grew 10 times faster than that of the bottom 90 percent.

10 TIMES FASTER!!!!!!!!

And don’t we all think that’s just FANTASTIC?!!!

Okay, okay, not be a Debbie Downer, but I did promise that other news (we don’t really care about anyway)

It seems the whiny old states think they might have needed those tax dollars. Pouty Pusses.

Center for Budget and Policy

Those Silly Little Recession Numbers
As states cut back their budgets, governors are targeting public broadcasting along with other educational and arts programs. Some stations could face a total funding loss.

But really who needs that stuff anyway? That’s all just local musicians and news and artists. We don’t need to know what they are doing, as long as the rich can get richer. Right?

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
At least 44 states plus the District of Columbia have enacted budget cuts that will affect services for children, the elderly, the disabled, and families, as well as the quality of education and access to higher education.

Look, I know it’s tough. But if you are old or disabled, you are going to die soon anyway. And frankly that might be a blessing, because you aren’t pretty to look at in that condition either.

But if you are young and uneducated, the rich are always looking for somebody to trim hedges or cut the grass, you’ll get by. Heck, I bet you could get Timmy out of daycare and the SUPER SHINY RICH could put him to work in a trice!!!

Little fingers like Timmy has are just perfect for making those big expensive wool rugs the rich like to hang on their walls. It takes patience though, so tell Timmy to work steady or there will be no gruel for dinner. Wait…… that’s right. The rule is one meal a day.

Bonus!!!! Timmy won’t have to eat gruel for dinner, cause there’s no dinner!!!! Yay!!!!!!

Don’t we just owe the Rich EVERYTHING?

One could just SWOON…..




Stephen Wiltshire: Gallery of Drawings

Stephen Wiltshire has autism. He also has the ability to view a cityscape once and then recreate it by drawing it, in scale, using only his memory as a reference.

His work can be found on his Web Page.

I can honestly say his drawings are amazing. But are they truly creative? Or is he merely making a detailed record of something he has seen? Technical proficiency is different from creativity. Both are admirable.  But true genius requires both in some measure.

From a physiological standpoint, I find it interesting that the brain records this information and it is available at any time for examination. This occurs in everyone, even people without autism. There are people, like Jill Price, who are perfectly normal people excepting their ability to remember literally detail of their lives.

Eventually we may discover a way to “switch” the ability on and off at will.

Should I be thrilled or horrified at the thought?


Los Alamos Astronomers have a WTF? Moment

From Science News:

Well, it seems that our solar system is in it’s own bubble.  Let’s hope it holds up better than the tech/ real estate/ commodities/ stock market bubbles…..

I like it when scientists are forced to liberally reassess their assumptions.  I don’t mean the slight deviations in data or feedback. I mean the “OMG! WTF! We totally weren’t expecting THAT!” sort of reassessment. It keeps them honest.



And it keeps me interested.  Double Bonus.


The edge of the solar system is tied up with a ribbon, astronomers have discovered. The first global map of the solar system reveals that its edge is nothing like what had been predicted. Neutral atoms, which are the only way to image the fringes of the solar system, are densely packed into a narrow ribbon rather than evenly distributed.

“Our maps show structure and energy spectra that are completely different from what any model has predicted,” says study coauthor Herbert Funsten of the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.

NASA’s Interstellar Boundary Explorer satellite, or IBEX, discovered the narrow ribbon, which completes nearly a full circle across the sky. The density of neutral atoms in the band is two to three times that in adjacent regions.

These and related findings, reported in six papers posted online October 15 in Science, will not only send theorists back to the drawing board, researchers say, but may ultimately provide new insight on the interaction between the heliosphere — the vast bubble in which the solar system resides — and surrounding space.

Dude…I, I got somethin’ in my eye. *sniff* Dog walks 80 miles toward home.

UPI:  A North Carolina woman said a family’s lost dachshund apparently walked 80 miles toward home before she found him outside a church.

Marcie Morgan said she found the small dog in some bushes outside a Hillsborough, N.C., church where her husband serves as pastor and located the canine’s family by posting an ad on the Web site Craigslist, WTVD-TV, Raleigh-Durham, N.C., reported Wednesday.

Morgan said the Richmond, Va., family told her it had lost the dog during a camping trip in Advance, N.C. She said the dog apparently walked 80 of the 295 miles between the campsite and the family’s home.


“Every time I let him out, he would start walking toward the interstate and if I didn’t get him and bring him back, he would just keep walking,” Morgan said. “He’d get all the way to the end of the parking lot, walking like, ‘I appreciate what you did, but I’m going home now.'”

Dacshund walks 80 miles toward home. Stumpy legs and all….. *sniff*.

SuperSize Me! Not that dog, but cute anyway

SuperSize Me!

Not that dog, but cute anyway.

Mother Nature Network: Wal-Mart and McDonald’s gift cards used as a lure for syphilis testing

The story is here.

I’m completely fractured over this.

I’ll put the socially responsible adult reply first: Good for the health workers who found a way to motivate people who might not otherwise be tested.

I’ll put my gut reaction second: Oh…My…God…

Closely followed by my inner 10 year old snickering and the near simultaneous linking between cheap and easy food and cheap and easy sex. Followed by an internal wince over the fact that I’m from North Carolina.

Then I starting thinking about the overarching links between Corporate Giantism and the downfall of the economy, leading to economic uncertainty, leading to risky sexual behaviour, leading to increasing rates of venereal disease, leading to even more money for already bloated corporations.

Oh, it’s th’ ciiiircle, the circle of liiife…….

Always a party in my head.