Becoming Whole

Healing is not just about fixing the symptoms of the problem. It is about all the choices we end up making from what we choose to eat, to how we choose to communicate.

It is a process and not and end goal.


Calcium and Vitamin D reduces risk of ALL cancer in post-menopausal women.


2004 Study from Harvard Medical School

The potential administrative savings of $286 billion annually under national health insurance could:

  1. Offset the cost of covering the uninsured (estimated at $80 billion).
  2. Cover all out-of-pocket prescription drugs costs for seniors as well as those under 65 (estimated at $53 billion in 2003).
  3. Fund retraining and job placement programs for insurance workers and others who would lose their jobs under NHI (estimated at $20 billion).
  4. Make substantial improvements in coverage and quality of care for U.S. consumers who already have insurance.


Medical Nemesis (or: if you keep doing that, it’s going to freeze that way)

The fracturing of the body and the mind began with Descartes but has been accelerated by technology and terminology.


Can Meditation Change Gene Expression?

Evidently it can. But can  other activities produce the same effect?


Steaming food can reduce the potential for chronic disease.

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