Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens…

Well, maybe not chickens, but day old chicks anyway.

I’m amazed by their instinctual behavior. Loud, sudden or unusual noises cause them to go completely silent. I was listening to NPR News on the way home and each time a new announcer came on, they fell silent for a second.

There are already showing signs of developing personalities. Fledgling bossy ones, curious ones, timid ones and Miss Distress Call. She finally calmed down after I picked her up and  completely enclosed her in my hands, next to my fleece sweater for about 60 seconds.

2 rooster-lings and 8 hen-ets. With the sex-linked characteristics showing up as: Pale Yellow Males and Sienna Striped Females. This will not hold true to their chicks and I’ll have to use the more traditional methods of determining sex in the future.

In terms of sheer numbers of chicks, I got far more than we need. But I have to be realistic and account for potential losses. And sadly, when the roosters get old enough to start scrapping over the females, one of them will be “culled”.

Life is hard. Let’s not dwell in that place.

Here, lets look at some super cute baby chicks instead.

Between preparing for chicks and a mild case of the flu (thank goodness), I haven’t had a lot of time to work on my soda can solar heater. Be patient. I’ve got new chicks to tend for a couple of weeks, so I won’t be leaving the grounds for too long and I’ll need something to occupy my time.



  1. Deidra Hicks said,

    February 24, 2011 at 8:58 pm

    Hey thought you might want to know. Iredell County is having an annual Pullet/Rooster sale here at our office it is going on now.

    Kathy Bunton (the area poultry agent) has this twice a year. It is for Hy Line Brown Pullets (red chickens with brown eggs), they are vaccinated for the following diseases: Newcastle, Bronchitis, Fowl Pox, Bovine, A.E., L.T., and Marek’s Disease, they are $6.25 each and must be picked up on April 1, 2011 (a Friday) from 10:00 am – 11:30 am from Steele Feed and Seed in Mt. Ulla, NC

    I can give you directions, but you place the order with us and then pay when you go to pick them up. You must take your own crate. Just saw that you had chickens and people seem to go crazy over these (they are good ones) and thought I would share this with you, in case you wanted to add some to your flock. LOL!!!

    If you do call and order ASAP as numbers are limited (704) 873-0507. Love the photos of the solar panel, cool!

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