Signs and Wonders (found)

I think everyone is busy right now. At the moment, I have just enough energy and time to keep running in place.

But lately I’ve been pondering Claire, who is a very old girl in doggie years.  She was a young stray who decided to camp on our doorstep a little over 12 years ago.

She was a roamer then and still is to a certain degree. One summer’s day in 2000 she walked across the shoals of the nearby river. And as it happened there was an accident on the river and they had to raise the level so rescue boats could search for the victims. She couldn’t come home.

But the story had a happy ending. Which became the basis of this poem,  published in Her Mark 2002 Calendar, Chicago, IL

Signs and Wonders (Found)

Quadruped Persephone
crossing the River
Given that you lack
a mortal sense of time,
it is no wonder
that 2 weeks would stretch
into the half year.

Your companions
on the other side,
our counterparts,
by quarter century
kept you.
And because what transpired
between you
cannot be spoken
we are left with
an ineffable mystery.

Our Orpheus
in this mongrel mythology,
journeyed in his blue Toyota pickup truck
to reclaim you from
a sunburned Hades
who seemed earthbound
in his bibs
and feed cap.
You returned to us
in full flower,
fat and sleek as a
summer seal.

You seemed disoriented
that first day.
And I wondered to myself
as you traveled the long way home,
you made
that most human mistake
of turning over your shoulder
and looking back.


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