The Liberty Parade. Todd, NC July 3rd, 2010

Celebrating our freedom and the sanctity of our natural world, so that we may safeguard both.

Honoring Liberty and the Land. The Liberty Parade, Todd, NC July 3 2010 from GhostWoman Studios onVimeo.

I love this parade. I love it every time it happens.

It is a riot of color. The puppet costumes are marvels of engineering. The landscape and the river are an amazing backdrop. The people who work so hard to put this together every year should be highly commended.

Created by artists and artisans of  Elkland Art Center and the people of Todd, the parade is a colorful cacophony of costume and movement and music. The Parade begins with the Mud Puppies leading the way. They are followed by all the flora and fauna surrounding the life giving river. We see Old Man River, The Lady of the Mountains, The River Goddess and all of her consorts.

But lurking in their midst are the Trash Dragon, festooned with Styrofoam garbage and cheap plastic trinkets, and the OIL SPILL.

At the gathering in the park, the viewers are invited to offer their advice on keeping the Trash Dragon and the OIL SPILL away from the fragile ecosystems we all inhabit.

If you decide to visit Todd, stop by Elkland Art Center and say Hello.


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