Famous Paintings Reproduced in Coffee

Famous paintings reproduced in coffee.

An interesting, if overly caffeinated, take on the Master’s Technique of grisaille.

This grisaille of The Odalisque is a perfect example of the technique.

Ingres' Odalisque in Grisaille

This is most likely the original version of Ingres' underpainting of the famous Odalisque

But to the coffee: As an exercise in “I wonder if I could do that?” this is a clever little jaunt. But for my money, I would much rather see the original monochromatic paintings of Mark Tansey. The link shows a close up of work featured below.

Action Painting II

Mark Tansey Action Painting II

The image is linked to a Google search of his work.

They are beautifully rendered, well- crafted and his wry sense of humor shines through in the subject matter

Or check out Gerhardt Richter who has more than once helped me explain to gallery owners that artists don’t simply paint the same thing over and over and over, no matter what Collector’s Monthly says. He’s pretty much awesome no matter what he paints.

"Woman Descending the Staircase" 1964 Gerhardt Richter

Woman Descending the Staircase 1964

But in the end, I suppose it comes down to taste.




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