Costal Living Aussies Fret Over Wet

Climate report warns coastal residents

The Parliamentary body of Australia has recently issued a report warning that with 80 per cent of Australians living on the coast, most of the countries population will be affected by a rise in sea levels, more frequent storms, flooding and coastal erosion. This, in turn, has caused some homeowners to be denied insurance due to increased risk

From the article:

The Managing Our Coastal Zone in a Changing Climate report found every state in Australia, and the Northern Territory, will be affected, putting more than 530,000 homes at direct risk.

Queensland has to potential to take the worst hit with 250,000 vulnerable coastal buildings in that state alone. And environmental groups have urged the government to enact “no-go” zones where construction or preservation measures would not be allowed.

Among the recommendations in the report: The option of “forced retreats”, where governments would be given powers to “prohibit the continued occupation of the land” and the prevention of developments in danger zones.

There is a frightening potential for the enactment of laws that strip Australia’s citizens of their rights.




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