Stephen Wiltshire: Gallery of Drawings

Stephen Wiltshire has autism. He also has the ability to view a cityscape once and then recreate it by drawing it, in scale, using only his memory as a reference.

His work can be found on his Web Page.

I can honestly say his drawings are amazing. But are they truly creative? Or is he merely making a detailed record of something he has seen? Technical proficiency is different from creativity. Both are admirable.  But true genius requires both in some measure.

From a physiological standpoint, I find it interesting that the brain records this information and it is available at any time for examination. This occurs in everyone, even people without autism. There are people, like Jill Price, who are perfectly normal people excepting their ability to remember literally detail of their lives.

Eventually we may discover a way to “switch” the ability on and off at will.

Should I be thrilled or horrified at the thought?



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