Most Ancient Colored Twine. Most Ancient Artisans.

From the BBC

Some of the fibres are coloured and appear to have been dyed.

The fibres were discovered preserved within layers of mud in Dzudzuana Cave in Georgia.

“It’s impossible to know exactly how they were used, but some of them are twisted,” said Ofer Bar-Yosef, a researcher from Harvard University in the US who took part in the study.

/end snip

So, it is safe to assume that a variety of colors means they had been experimenting with dyes  and stains for a while.  The oldest cave paintings are from around this date (+/-) 2 thousand years. One can imagine that in using pigments to paint walls or objects, it soon became apparent that fibers would also hold color.

Status, class and fashion become encoded in our garments rather than tattoos or how many scary critters we’ve killed.


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