Pondering the nature of consciouness

Because we are unconscious creatures first and foremost, (having spent hundreds of millions of years with an instinctive brain and an unconscious brain to keep us alive – the self-aware frontal lobes being relative newcomers to the game) and because we are social creatures as a matter of survival; some degree of “psychic” ability (read as: unconscious and subconscious future-pacing of potential danger) was and is necessary for the tribe to continue.

There are studies and researchers (and yes, government agencies around the world) looking at the correlation between “conscious” language in Internet use and concept/meme/themes that are the overarching unconscious subtext of those choices.

Why the Internet? It’s a rich vein of easily accessible data with input from a massive variety of sources. However, here are some other types of “group choices” that can also be mined with interesting results.

Email patterns can predict collapse of large companies.

Music trends predict stock market volatility.

Remember: That ego-voice soothingly suggesting “Really, YOU are in control.” is lying. Conscious self-awareness is a mere sliver of your daily functioning.
You are what you unthinkingly say.
You are what you unthinkingly write.
You are what you unthinkingly do.


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